Good news for tea fans

  • Article by: UKTIA
  • Sunday 3rd July 2016

If you thought that drinking gallons of water was the only way to keep properly hydrated, we have great news!

A clinical study from the Tea Advisory Panel (TAP) has proved that a cuppa can be just as good as a glass of water at keeping your body hydrated. Sticking to the recommended four cups of tea per day gives the same quenching effects of water, without there being any negative side effects. According to Dr Catherine Hood from TAP, "It’s vital that humans keeps their fluid levels topped up to avoid dehydration - proper hydration is key to good mental and physical health."

Cup of teaWe’re particularly pleased that the myth that caffeinated drinks (including coffee, colas and tea) dehydrate the body has been mis-proven. It was believed that the caffeine in these drinks sped up the body’s need to go to the loo and the urination caused us to lose too much water.However, studies have found that caffeinated drinks don’t have a significant impact on the body’s liquid levels. Great news – you can skip the decaff brews! Dr Hood continues,"A growing number of scientific studies have demonstrated that tea can be useful in keeping the body in good condition, thanks to its high polyphenol content. Glass of waterThese polyphenols have antioxidant effects and help maintain normal vascular function. This is why many studies have linked regular tea consumption with a lower risk of heart disease and stroke."

Water isn't the only way to keep hydrated

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