Objectives and Purpose

The UK Tea & Infusions Association (UKTIA) is an independent non-profit making body dedicated to promoting tea and herbal infusions and their unique story, for the benefit of those who produce, sell and enjoy tea and herbal infusion products.

We represent the world's major tea producing and exporting countries, UK tea packers and brokers and UK companies, providing services, support and information of a technical, scientific and regulatory nature, to the tea industry, consumers and the media.

The UK Tea & Infusions Association and its members are fully committed to sourcing product from ethically sound producers and suppliers.  A condition of UKTIA membership is that a company must be fully and transparently aligned with one of the major ethical and sustainable organisations; for example, Ethical Tea Partnership, Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade or UTZ Certified.  By implementing this commitment we aim to ensure that a substantial volume of UK member’s products meet our objectives in ethical and sustainable trading.

We are fully committed to ensuring that our tea and herb producers follow good agricultural and production practices to ensure that the tea and herbs destined for European Union countries meet the stringent health and safety regulations that exist for food products.

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