UKTIA Membership & Registration

Membership Criteria

Any firm, company or other corporation registered in the United Kingdom and trading tea, or any producer country Tea Board or country Tea Association that trades tea with the United Kingdom, or any international company or organisation allied to the tea trade shall be eligible for membership in either of the following categories subject to the following qualification:

Full Member - UK Listed Company

Firms, companies or other corporations registered in the United Kingdom and who are bona fide packers, blenders or traders of tea within the United Kingdom shall be eligible for membership of the Association as a full member.

Firms, companies or other corporations registered in the United Kingdom who have a direct interest in the tea trade specifically with regard to estate production, shipping, trading, warehousing, distribution and supplying various materials to the tea trade, shall be eligible for full membership of UKTIA.

Full UKTIA members have a requirement to be members of the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) either through individual company corporate membership or through the UKTIA consolidated FDF membership scheme for smaller companies.

Full Member - Tea Producing Country

Any country specific Tea Board, Tea Association or Chamber of Commerce tea division which is constituted to represent either the private or corporate sectors of the tea industry in that country will be eligible to join UKTIA as a full producer member.

Tea producing countries have no requirement to be members of FDF.

Associate Member

Firms, companies or other corporations registered in the United Kingdom and or international companies who are allied to the tea trade, as a grower, supplier, marketer, shall be eligible for associate membership of UKTIA.

UK tea packers and producer countries are not eligible for Associate Member status. Associate members shall have no voting rights.

Table of Membership Benefits

Benefit UK Listed Producer Associate
Full Voting Rights Yes Yes  
Eligible as Exec Board Member Yes Yes  
Operating Group Member Yes Yes  
European Committee Attendance Yes Yes  
News Alerts Yes Yes Yes
Receive Exec Board Minutes Yes Yes  
Secure Full Members Website Area Yes Yes  
Access to FDF website Yes Yes  
UKTIA Website Listing Yes Yes Yes
Full Market Data Y Yes  
Annual Report Yes Yes Yes
Signposting to Industry Guidance Yes Yes Yes
Coming soon - quartely newsletter    



Members Extranet

The Members Extranet is dedicated exclusively for the use of companies and their staff who appear on the UK Tea & Infusions Association register of members.

The Members Extranet has been created to keep registered members informed about the latest activity being undertaken by the UK Tea & Infusions Association and to give them access to a raft of Association information and data. If your company is a registered UK Tea & Infusions Association member, please login here. By registering and subscribing we can keep you up to date with our communications activity and other interesting and important news.

Members Extranet

Register with the UK Tea & Infusions Association to gain access to the restricted members' information available on this site.

Please note, you can only use this registration page if you are an employee of a company that is already a member of UKTIA.

If your company is not a member please find out more about UK Tea & Infusions Association Membership Benefits and Membership Criteria and send an email to if you wish to join.

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