20th Oct '16

Get your facts straight about tea!

We have devised a list of 8 of the most common false myths about tea that need to be corrected...

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8 false tea myths that need to be corrected

6th Oct '16

In 1658 the first advert for tea in England appeared on September 23 and this anniversary is being celebrated by Google with one of its hallowed Google Doodle illustrations.

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Google celebrates Tea Drinking in the UK’s 385th anniversary with a Google Doodle

22nd Sep '16

Glasgow’s famous Charles Rennie Mackintosh legacy site will be revamped to mark the 150th anniversary of his birth in 2018.

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Willow Tea Rooms set for £9m restoration

12th Sep '16

The British TV series Downton Abbey has been credited with doubling sales of British tea in China and sparking a trend for quintessentially British tea salons.

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Downton effect doubles British tea sales in China

3rd Jul '16

If you thought that drinking gallons of water was the only way to keep properly hydrated, we have great news!

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Good news for tea fans

4th May '16

Ken Thompson is a plant biologist with a keen interest in the science of gardening. He writes a frequent gardening column in the Daily Telegraph, lectures extensively and has written four gardening books, including Compost and No Nettles Required. His most recent book is Where do Camels Belong? The Story and Science of Invasive Species.

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The Power of the Humble Tea Bag...

2nd Oct '15

Genuine Ceylon Tea, from the island nation of Sri Lanka just south of India, is considered one of the worlds’ finest teas, renowned for its high quality and unique, sophisticated taste.

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Ceylon tea a fascinating history!

2nd Sep '15

When Georgina Frankpitt was thinking about what to do for GCSE art, her love of tea came to the rescue.

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Tea the inspiration for GCSE art

18th Mar '15

The growth in the speciality tea trade in the UK in recent years has stimulated significant interest in the origins of tea and the tea trade.

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William Ellis School  -  China Study trip 2015

24th Dec '14

Tea traditions around the world: in pics. All content copied from The Telegraph website.

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Tea traditions around the world - from The Telegraph

21st Oct '14

The Authorized Biography of Kenny Everett
By James Hogg and Robert Sellers
Bantam Press £18.99

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Hello, Darlings! Kenny Everett DJ and Tea Fan

4th Sep '14

Sukanya Saikia is a newly appointed Research Fellow at the Tocklai Tea Research Institute India.

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Dreamlining my way to the UK on my first trip abroad!

14th Aug '14

Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th August, Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire.

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Scotland's Tea Festival, August 2014

4th Jul '14

In Milton Keynes there is an artwork that is also a calendar of days which commemorates and celebrates dates of local and national interest inscribed on marble pillars.

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The Meaning of Leaf

20th Apr '14

'Chai. The Experience of Indian Tea' is a book that has developed through a personal journey of learning into the fascinating world of teas.

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Chai: The Experience of Indian Tea
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