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Tea is loved by Brits whatever their age and 5 billion cups of tea are drunk globally each day versus 2 billion cups of coffee.

Whatever our age, we all love a cuppa. In fact, we are drinking more cups of tea a day in the UK and across the globe versus coffee contrary to research just published which just looked at packs of coffee and tea sold which bears no comparison to cups of each beverage drunk daily. Dr Sharon Hall, Chief Executive of the UK Tea & Infusions Association notes: “Brits are drinking over 100 million cups of tea each day versus 98 million cups of coffee. And across the globe we drink over 5 billion cups of tea each day[1] - way more than the 2 billion cups of coffee drunk daily. As a result, globally tea remains the second most consumed beverage after water and a national treasure even amongst younger adults who love to experiment with different beverages.

“Real-world research[2] among 4,000 UK adults found that over eight in 10 (83%) 18–24-year-olds are having a daily cuppa. The main reason given is the great taste – cited by 80% of younger adult and 85% of the over 25s. Hence tea is loved by us all, whatever our age with 31% of younger adults polled saying they drink more tea than their parents, so it is far from an outdated beverage.

“In fact, younger adults are drinking English breakfast during the day for relaxation and warmth then choosing herbal teas at night to wind down. Seven out of 10 young adults brew up a cuppa as soon as they get out of bed. When asked what word they associate with tea, 18–24-year-olds say cosy and associating tea with that lovely ‘warm, loved feeling – a hug in a mug.’

“Another real-world research poll[3] of more than 1000 UK adults also just published found that middle-aged and older adults think tea is great for hydration and boosting mood, while younger adults drink tea to help ease and bust stress.”

"With every age loving a cup of tea and the younger generation confirming that they will not let the great British tradition of tea drinking fall by the wayside."

How to make a perfect brew from Dr Sharon Hall at the UKTIA:
Follow these simple steps to make the best cup of tea:

  • Use a good quality teabag or loose-leaf tea and store your tea in a cool, dry place.
  • Avoid storing tea next to strongly flavoured or perfumed foods.
  • Always use freshly drawn water and consider using a water filter. Dr Sharon Hall explains, “In some parts of the country the tap water is hard or soft and this can affect the taste of the tea.”
  • Use one teabag or one rounded teaspoon of loose tea for each cup or mug.
  • Smart boil. Using your mug, measure out just the water you need for one or two cuppas and only boil that.
  • Dr Sharon Hall notes; “This will help save on energy costs and will ensure a good flavour tea which develops best when made with freshly boiled water. The lack of oxygen bubbles in re-boiled water can give the tea a flat taste.”
  • Allow the tea to brew for the recommended time before pouring. Always read the instructions on the pack and if youre brewing tea from a bag in a mug, adding milk last is best.
  • Most black teas should be brewed for three to four minutes, while Lapsang Souchong black tea tastes best after four to five minutes. Brew green tea for three to four minutes and oolong tea for three to five minutes, depending on your strength preference.
  • Remove the bag after brewing, before adding the milk.
  • Put your feet up, relax and enjoy.

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[1] Estimated Total Global Consumption 6,209 Million Kg of Tea (Data Source: International Tea Committee). Using an average of 3g (per cup), this would equate to over 5 billion cups consumed worldwide every day.

[2] Omnibus survey ran via Obsurvant; December 2022

[3] Perspectus Global; 1,000 consumers; Spring 2023



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