Help to secure a Google ‘Doodle’ for International Tea Day

Help to secure a Google ‘Doodle’ for International Tea Day

8th Apr '24 - UKTIA

The celebration of International Tea Day takes place on the 21st of May annually and is endorsed by the United Nations through Resolution 74/241 passed by the General Assembly on December 19, 2019. Its purpose is to set this day aside to honor tea while encouraging collective actions promoting sustainable production and consumption.

Our colleagues at Tea & Herbal Association of Canada have come up with a great suggestion to raise awareness of this important day for Tea.

As you may know, Google dedicates its front page to major events, important dates, etc., through its "Google Doodle".  These 'doodles' appear on the front search page of Google. As a note, Google dominates the world's searches, controlling ~ 85% of the searches done worldwide. The impact of people seeing the 'Google Doodle' approximates to 40,000 searches every second. Imagine all 40,000 looking at an International Tea Day Doodle!


The Google team receives suggestions from around the world on which 'doodle' to consider. Their team then deliberates over the suggestions, compiles the chosen ones for the year and creates the artwork for the Google landing page.

We are asking the tea industry and anyone who loves tea to submit an email to Google suggesting a Tea Theme for International Tea Day, on 21st May, this year and for every year moving forward. Email Address:

Many thanks to Tea & Herbal Association of Canada who have shared a draft communication, which is available here. Please feel free to use this as it is, or change it as required. The important thing is to let your voice be heard and help influence Google to support International Tea Day.

Thank you for your help with this initiative.

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