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Great news for the 98% of Brits who drink at least one cup of tea a day

A new survey of over 1,000 Brits[1] for the UK Tea and Infusions Association (UKTIA; suggests that we may have been looking in the wrong place for our Christmas spirit all this time.

As Dr Sharon Hall, Chief Executive of the UKTIA comments, “Christmas spirit may actually be found in a cuppa rather than a glass of fizz or a pint of beer, according to our survey results. With 98% of us drinking at least one to two cups of tea a day, this is surely great news for the increasing number of Brits, especially younger Gen Z adults, preferring to avoid a festive fuzzy head this year.”

A cup of tea has a range of effects on us that could be just what we all need to raise our Christmas spirits, with over a fifth (22%) of UKTIA survey respondents saying they drink tea for the warmth it brings.  “Most people would probably agree that they would wish for their Christmas holidays to be filled with calm and comfort,” says Dr Sharon Hall, adding, “As it turns out, these qualities were among the top answers survey respondents gave regarding how tea makes them feel. For example, one in two (50%) said it brought them comfort, while a third (35%) said a cuppa made them feel calmer.

 “The festive period can be a roller coaster for many, full of highs and lows, especially for those with a very packed schedule of – often overindulgent – social engagements. While the festivities can be lots of fun, they can also take their toll. Whereas alcohol can leave us feeling under the weather, the good news is that tea can help support us during this fun but full-on part of the year. So, if I were looking for true Christmas spirit, my money would be on finding it in a cuppa over a glass of wine.”

Dr Sharon Hall notes further: “Tea drinking is loved by us Brits with 98% of those surveyed saying they drank at least one cup of tea a day, and 8% drinking at least seven cups a day. We also like to drink our tea in comfort. Over two thirds (69%) of Brits tend to drink their regular black tea in the cosy surroundings of their own home, which many would say is the best place to be at Christmas.”

However, the survey also suggests that tea could help us to cope with the demands of Christmas when we do need to leave the house. “A fifth (19%) said that tea helped them focus, while 18% said it gave them motivation for the day. These qualities could be especially supportive for people with a daunting Christmas to-do list, from the present buying to the food preparation, to the party going,” says Dr Sharon Hall.

“While all teas and infusions are a preferable source of Christmas spirit, two have a particularly festive feel about them for me,” says Dr Sharon Hall, “Firstly, I love a cup of English breakfast black tea around the Christmas tree first thing on Christmas morning. It’s a fantastic pick-me-up to prepare us all for the fun ahead. It seems over four in 10 Brits feel the same way, with 43% saying first thing in the morning is their preferred time to enjoy a cuppa.

“My second choice would be a reviving cup of mint tea after a busy day full of food and festivities. It turns out that it’s also the most popular choice of a herbal infusion among the Brits we polled, with more than four in 10 saying they enjoy it”.

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The UK TEA & INFUSIONS ASSOCIATION is the trade association for the UK tea industry.

[1] Survey of 1000 UK employed tea drinkers, Autumn 2023; Conducted by independent polling company, Perspectus Global.


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