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22nd Dec '22 - UKTIA

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We are pleased to bring you another bumper edition of Brew. In this issue, we talk about the warming benefits of teas that can help you get through the winter blues. We have some delicious tea mocktail recipes for you, as well as some sweet treats and in our article on ‘Biscuitology’ Dr Sharon Hall, Chief Executive of UKTIA, suggests the best biscuits to go with your favourite teas and infusions.

The Guest Editorial by Dr Tim Bond, of the Tea Advisory Panel, tells us about the plant compounds scientists have discovered are essential for health. We know instinctively that apples, pears, berries, nuts, and tea are all healthy options. Now scientists have pinpointed that the key ingredient across all of these is flavan-3-ols, a group of plant polyphenols, and they've come up with the magic number of how much we should be consuming – 400 to 600 mg a day [1]. Luckily this can be found in approximately 3-4 cups of regular black tea, the richest source of flavan-3-ols. Turn to page 19 of Brew to find out more.

Tea truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

You can read the latest issue of Brew here or download the PDF above.

[1] Crowe-White K et al. (2022). Flavan-3-ols and Cardiometabolic Health: First Ever Dietary Bioactive Guideline.

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