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New Tea Census Research Study And Report Launched To Mark International Tea Day On 21st May

Most Brits are pretty clued up on their tea facts, reveals our new Tea Census Study1 and Report – 'From Plant to Cup: There's more to a cup of tea than meets the eye' which we are publishing this year to celebrate and recognise International Tea Day – 21st May 2023.

Our Tea Census Study1 and From Plant To Cup found that nearly seven in 10 Brits know that tea is made from the leaves of the tea plant, and most can name several tea-producing countries. More than six in 10 appreciate that tea leaves have to go through drying, rolling and chopping before ending up in our cup. A brainy half correctly say that tea is tested for quality throughout its production. But when it comes to certain facts, Britain's army of tea drinkers needs to go back to the classroom. As a nation we are still barking up the wrong 'tea' on key facts such as the differences between green and black teas. More than half (55%) of the nation claim wrongly they come from different plants and four in 10 (43%) believe green tea is picked in summer while black tea is picked in winter.

A third (32%) reckon green tea is only made in Japan, while a similar group (33%) think that green tea looks that way because it contains a colouring! Even though most folk are on the ball about their national tea brew, a minority still think that regular black tea is made from fruit, vegetables, fungus, bark or roots, or even that it comes from a laboratory – which is all nonsense".

Our new report  – 'From Plant to Cup: There's more to a cup of tea than meets the eye' – looks in detail at the care taken at each step of the process from tea plant to tea pot and is packed with amazing facts and stats. Click the link above to read the report.

1 Independent poll of 1011 UK-based adults, March 2023

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