Ceylon Tea named Official Tea Supplier for the Birmingham 2022  Commonwealth Games

Ceylon Tea named Official Tea Supplier for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

3rd Aug '22 - UKTIA

More than one million spectators are expected to visit the Commonwealth games this summer and it is great to know that they will be able to stay hydrated with a cup of tea. Ceylon Tea, which has a rich history dating back more than a century and a half, is proud to be named as the Official Tea Supplier for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

The Sri Lanka Tea Board has officially engaged in an agreement with the Games’ Organizing Committee to provide Ceylon Tea for the athletes, officials, ancillary providers and guests at the Birmingham 2022 Athlete Villages.

To facilitate the arrangement, the leading suppliers of the Ceylon Tea brand to the global market – namely Dilmah Tea and English Tea Shop - have come forward to offer their finest blends to those involved in Birmingham 2022 throughout the Games.

Sri Lankan tea (known for generations as Ceylon Tea) carries with it a renowned heritage.The story of Ceylon tea begins over two hundred years ago, when the country was still a British colony. In 1824 a tea plant was brought to Sri Lanka by the British from China and was planted in the Royal Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya for non-commercial purposes.

The industry was introduced to the country in 1867 by James Taylor (Father of Ceylon Tea), a British planter who arrived in the island in 1852. He started a fully equipped tea factory in Loolecondera estate in 1872 and, three years later, succeeded in sending the first shipment of Ceylon tea to the London tea auction. Until 1967, Sri Lanka had accounted for the majority of the imports to the UK.

Tea & Sports: Studies show how a brew is just as efficient as water in keeping bodies and minds hydrated

Ensuring tea is available at the Commonwealth Games is also a bonus for the athletes. A recent study by the UK’s Tea Advisory Panel revealed how tea could be the underrated addition to our diet for hitting those health and fitness goals, faster[1].

The Government’s UK Eatwell Guide recommends that we drink 6 to 8 glasses of fluid daily, which includes water, lower fat milk and sugar-free drinks such as tea. In fact, according to clinical trials, tea has the same hydrating properties to water. Why is this important?

Dr Tim Bond of the Tea Advisory Panel explains that it’s vital to maintain our body’s fluid balance as this can aid “cognitive, technical, and physical aspects of sports performance’. In adulthood, 50 to 60% of our body weight is water.

“Exercise can quickly disrupt this fluid balance though. More than a 2% body mass loss of water is seen as the point at which exercise dehydration can impact aerobic exercise performance. This is worse in warmer weather,” he adds.

With the UK’s NHS recommending we all do 150 minutes of ‘moderate intensity’ activity or at least 75 minutes of ‘vigorous activity’ each week, it’s important we maintain an active lifestyle. Drinking tea alongside this will help keep us hydrated and could also contribute to energy, nutrients, and intakes of antioxidant polyphenols.

Chris Ruxton, personal trainer and cross fit champion, plus a fond lover of a cuppa says: “Staying hydrated helps with all aspects of sports performance. We should aim to maintain “euhydration”; essentially normal hydration balance and tea helps tick the boxes here.”

We raise our cups to all the athletes and wish everyone good luck in the Commonwealth Games.



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