Seeking a Social Media Strategy & Communications Manager

Seeking a Social Media Strategy & Communications Manager

12th Aug '22 - UKTIA

Project Role: Social Media Strategy & Communications Manager
Organisation: UK Tea & Infusions Association
Employment type: Project / Agency / Freelance
Project Available: From August 2022

What is UKTIA?
The United Kingdom Tea & Infusions Association (UKTIA) is an independent, non-profit, trade association, that works in support of businesses that trade in tea and herbal Fruit infusions (HFI) in the UK. We also collaborate with the world’s major tea producing and exporting countries.

UKTIA provides support and information of a technical, scientific and regulatory nature to our members.

Outward facing activities are dedicated to the promotion of tea and HFI and their unique stories, as well as providing education on health, taste, hydration, varieties, origins and sustainability to consumers, the media, and key stakeholders.

Communication Background
Prior to May 2018, promotional activities were largely focussed on health benefits via the Tea Advisory Panel. UKTIA has an established and successful approach to promote the health benefits of tea and HFIs, led by the Tea Advisory Panel (TAP posts) ( and @TeaAdvisoryPan on Twitter), delivered by a consultant and this will continue.

Where appropriate, TAP posts communicating findings of scientific research and referring to expert material are amplified on UKTIA channels in line with Health Claim Regulations.

Existing Communication Channels: (organic only no paid for or support posts)

  • UKTIA website (
  • Twitter and Instagram (@UKTalkingTea)
  • Facebook (@UKTalkingTeaAndInfusions)
  • LinkedIn (see here).
  • YouTube channel added in 2019 (  which has attracted followers due specifically to the Around the World in 80 Teas series launched in May 2019 for the UN’s International Tea Day.

Currently content mirrors the type published by other Tea Trade Associations (Canada, USA and Germany). Social media platforms have enabled UKTIA to build relationships with origin tea boards and attracted recognition by UK tea companies (translating into enquiries about membership).  They also enable collaboration with other Tea Associations on communications campaigns e.g., SmartBoil, International Tea Day.

The UKTIA is looking for a new communication resource to work on a project/freelance basis to deliver a social media strategy, content creation and implementation for the organisation. The requirement for the successful candidate is for them to: 

  • Accelerate reach and engagement of existing communications channels to promote and engage consumers in all things tea and HFI (Herbal & Fruit Infusions)
  • Establish a consistent UKTIA tone of voice
  • Build consumer followers of UKTIA
  • Establish UKTIA as a respected go to industry commentator on tea and HFI
  • Continue to attract new members from across the trade

Project requirement

  • To create a proactive, always on, social media-first communications plan which expands UKTIA’s presence and standing across all channels.
  • In addition to maximising calendar events and upcoming UKTIA related activities, the strategy will need to include creative ways to make UKTIA part of the social media conversation around tea and HFI
  • This individual will need to be able to create dynamic content to keep tea and HFI top of mind on social media channels
  • This individual will also work with our PR and Comms agency Jungle Cat Solutions to amplify the major UKTIA campaign and calendar moments (Smart Boil, National Tea Day and International Tea Day).
  • To include a method of reviewing and assessing the impact of the activity against the defined objectives. 


£20-25K annualised for 15 – 20 hours per week, which will be reviewed at the 7 December 2022 Board meeting at which a discussion on support for 2023 will be held.

The type of person this would suit

  • An individual who is passionate about food and drink and consumer and lifestyle trends
  • Is motivated to deliver
  • Has demonstrable experience in creating social media campaigns and gaining targeted media coverage
  • Has the ability and energy to identify and maximise every opportunity to achieve against the project objectives

Response: In the first instance provide your CV and a 200-word summary of why you feel you would be able to deliver the project objectives, together with an indication of your availability and the level of support you think this budget could support. Contact by 9th September 2022.

Shortlisted candidates will be requested to outline a proposed plan for consideration.

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