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The UK Tea Council is an independent non-profit making body dedicated to promoting tea & its unique story for the benefit of those who produce, sell & enjoy tea.


Chai: The Experience of Indian Tea

Chai: The Experience of Indian Tea

'Chai. The Experience of Indian Tea' is a book that has developed through a personal journey of learning into the fascinating world of teas. Posted: 20th April 2014 Read more →

Tea industry leaders act to make world's favourite beverage a hero crop

Tea industry leaders act to make world's favourite beverage a hero crop

Last week, tea industry leaders gathered at Unilever House in London to launch a new era of collaboration within the tea sector, led by global sustainability non-profit Forum for the Future. Posted: 18th February 2014 Read more →

Secrets of the Tea Masters

Secrets of the Tea Masters

A new film, which opens a window onto the fascinating world of fine China tea, has just been released on DVD Posted: 18th December 2013 Read more →

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Tea & Business

Featured Member: Bettys & Taylors of Harrogate
Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate is an independent family business based in the heart of Yorkshire. Taylors of Harrogate blends and packs more than 50 different speciality teas, including Yorkshire Tea. We even blend a tea to suit your water, so that you get the same Yorkshire Tea taste whether your water is soft or hard. You can also enjoy many of... Read more

Tea Fact - 9/13

A new arrival?

Arrived in Europe...... Tea firstly appeared in Europe thanks to Portuguese Jesuit Father Jasper de Cruz in 1560. More →

Tea Advisory Panel (TAP)

TAP The Tea Advisory Panel was created to provide media with impartial information regarding the health benefits of tea. Panel members include nutritionists; dieticians and doctors. For further information please call 0207 052 8989. Read more...

TEA a brief history...

Tea is so much a part of everyday life in Britain that we might never stop to think about how a unique plant from faraway China became the nation's favourite drink. But the history of tea is fascinating, and in this section we can follow its story from the earliest times in Imperial China right up to its present place at the heart of British life. Read more...