Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon Balm Tea

Latin name: Melissa officinalis L

Family: Lamiaceae (deadnettle family)

Common names: Lemon balm, balm, bee balm

Part used: Aerial parts. It is mainly the leaves used to make tea.

Key constituents: Essential oil (0.02-0.3% w/w) including monoterpenes (citronellal, geranial and neral) and sesquiterpenes; phenolic acids (including rosmarinic acid) and flavonoids.


Traditionally, infusions of lemon balm have been drunk to help relieve mental stress and anxiety, aid sleep and to provide symptomatic relief of mild gastrointestinal complaints including bloating and flatulence.1 And a European Medicines Authority report confirmed these uses are “well documented in recognised handbooks”.2



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