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  • A massive 8.2 billion cups of tea are consumed around the globe every single day
  • In the UK we drink over 100 million cups of tea a day
  • The UK is one of the top five tea-consuming countries in the world

The United Nations General Assembly has declared May 21, 2020 as International Tea Day. This provides an opportunity to recognise that from bush to cup, the tea industry provides a livelihood for tens of millions of people across the world – from those harvesting leaves in a far-off country, to those who deliver a high-quality tea that we can enjoy in our own teapot at home.

International Tea Day is a time to raise public awareness of the importance of tea and the tea industry’s workers through education and promotional activities. The aim is to highlight that tea production contributes to the fight against hunger, reduction of extreme poverty, empowerment of women, and is a sustainable use of ecosystems.

Dr Sharon Hall, Chief Executive of the UK Tea & Infusions Association, comments: “We consumer over 100 million cups of tea a day and the UK is one of the top five tea drinking nations. As a result, we should not take our national brew for granted. There is actually huge skill and commitment involved in sourcing the right tea leaves at the right time from tea plants, that have received the right amount of sun, water and nutrients, so that we can enjoy the millions of cups of tea we consume in a day.

“The expertise does not stop there. To ensure your favourite brew has a consistent great taste, expert tea tasters blend teas with different flavour characteristics, sometimes from different origins, to create a well-balanced flavour and so each cuppa tastes just as good as the last.

“International Tea Day gives us the chance to recognise the contribution of millions of workers in tea-producing countries and all along the supply chain and to celebrate the amazing flavour and quality of the tea we enjoy in the UK every day. Over the next few weeks, the UK Tea & Infusions Association will be celebrating the tea-producing regions around the world, and the people who work there and we will be saying cheers to you, the British tea drinkers.”

Our #InternationalTeaDay campaign launched on 1st May at 15:00 BST on Twitter and Instagram, with the premier of our salute to ALL TEA Drinkers, created with our colleagues at Tea and Herbal Association of Canada See here


13:00 - Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) live webcast - Harnessing Benefits For All, From Field To Cup

Tea and Herbal Association of Canada International Tea Day Sofa Summit:


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