Four in ten homeworkers yearn for catch-ups over a brew

Four in ten homeworkers yearn for catch-ups over a brew

9th Jun '21 - UKTIA

Survey reveals how our workplace cuppas made us feel part of the TEAm

More than 11 million of us are now homeworking as we live through the pandemic[1] but while most of us have not missed the daily commute, we have really missed our office tea breaks, according to a new survey.

The poll of more than 1000 Brits[2] commissioned by the UK Tea and Infusions Association (UKTIA) revealed that four in 10 of those who are working from home yearn for their work tea breaks. The number one reason given was the lost opportunity to catch up with colleagues (44%), followed by the chance to take a break from the desk (35%). Homeworkers also miss having a cuppa made for them or feeling part of the team. 

Dr Sharon Hall, Chief Executive of the UKTIA, comments: “Over 80% of those in our survey said that the tea break was much more than simply drinking a cup of tea. Sharing a tea break helps to build connections with colleagues, give staff a much needed break from their desks, boost everyone’s mood, and can create an opportunity to catch up on news.”

Younger workers under 30 were more likely to appreciate these aspects of sharing a communal cuppa.

Dr Hall continued “While many of us continue to work from home, or split our time between home and the office across the working week, we are all still enjoying drinking tea. In fact, six in ten say they are drinking the same amount while nearly 4 in ten are drinking more – but we are really missing the social aspects of the workplace tea break”.

An interesting finding from the UKTIA survey was that 57% of people reported feeling more connected with colleagues thanks to the tea break and claimed sharing a cuppa was good for teambuilding. When asked how they would feel if handed a mug of tea at work, 37% said ‘thankful’ while 28% said ‘great!’. However, the pandemic has made nearly six in ten wary of having colleagues make them a brew when returning to the office, with most raising concerns about handwashing and following Covid rules. 

Dr Sharon Hall adds: “While it is great that we are keeping up with our tea-drinking habits – and staying hydrated at home – nothing beats a good tea break with its few moments of calm, team building or catch-up chat! As restrictions ease, people will enjoy coming together to share a cuppa.”

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[2] Survey conducted by Perspective Global on 1012 nationally representative UK adults, Spring /Summer 2021


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