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Pandemic living brings 1 million back to heart-healthy tea but what does your favourite tea reveal about your love life?

Lovers can always turn to tea this Valentine’s Day. Studies show that drinking two to three cups of hibiscus tea each day is good for the heart wellness[1]. Not only this, but regular black tea also works just as well[2].

The comfort of sitting down with a warming cuppa prompted an extra one million Brits to turn to tea during the pandemic, according to a national survey[3] commissioned by the UKTIA (the UK Tea and Infusions Association) -

Dr Sharon Hall from the UKTIA commented: “At times of stress, tea is the go-to drink for most of us. The survey found that numbers of regular tea drinkers jumped by nine percentage points compared with two decades ago – so now nearly nine out of ten adults drink tea.

“The biggest change is in the 18–34-year-olds who might have gone out for coffee or drinks prior to lockdown. They are also the most adventurous when trying new teas – including herbal infusions for immunity, teas with added vitamins and different flavours of teas. While tea can never replace a romantic Valentine’s Day date, it’s good for the heart in so many ways – for comfort and for taking care of yourself”.

What kind of lover are you? Your favourite tea reveals the answer …

Regular black tea Steady, reliable, and strong with hidden depths. You love in a bold, confident way with a hint of maturity.

Ginger Fiery and hot, leaving a warm glow wherever you touch. Sometimes, too much for people to handle, you make up for this by being fiercely loyal.

Chamomile Most people would describe you as chilled and laid back with an inner calm. Able to bring peace and tranquillity to any situation, you are the ideal partner for stress bunnies.

Darjeeling tea Refined and sophisticated with impeccable taste. You have beautiful, old-fashioned manners that inspire confidence and respect.

Green tea Refreshingly different and apt to go against the flow. You can surprise and amaze people when you put your mind to it.

Rosehip Deeply romantic and sweet, when you decide to love, it’s forever. But let this be a warning to anyone who takes your love for granted – you have an astringent side too.

Earl Grey Tea Wow, aren’t you sophisticated with a critical opinion on everything? But that’s only the surface – dig deeper and it’s clear that your affections are fearless and loyal.

Hibiscus Dreamy and, sometimes deliberately vague, you seem to float through relationships. Partners find they can’t quite get your full attention, but that makes you all the more desirable.

Peppermint Frustratingly cool, you have the ability to attract and perplex in equal measure. However, for those you truly love, you have a sweet and giving centre.

Liquorice Some may say you’re an acquired taste but, for those brave enough to try something a little different, you are a very rewarding lover.

Splash of milk Will you, won’t you. You often can’t make up your mind as you can see everyone’s point of view. So, why not try a little of everything.

No milk Plain speaking is your style, and you place a high value on being truthful. Your main ask is that you get honesty in return.

Lots of milk Few really know you as you often mask your true feelings. But, if someone can really gain your trust, you will be revealed as the most faithful type of lover.

Super weak tea (dipping in bag for a few seconds) You say you want to fall deeply in love but something always holds you back. Could it be that you don’t really feel too strongly about anyone?

Very strong tea (letting it stew) You are a lover worth waiting for. After years of friendship, you eventually reveal your passionate nature, with a potency to satisfy the most demanding partner.

[1] Dr Chris Etheridge, Dr Emma Derbyshire; Food & Nutrition Technology Journal; Hibiscus Tea and Health: A Scoping Review of Scientific Evidence; Volume 6, issue 2; 27.7.2020

[3] Independent research, with 2,019 randomly selected adults age 18+ via Maru/BLUE (MVUK) UK.  The results are statistically weighted according to the most current data on age, gender, and region, from the most recent census data, to ensure the sample is representative of the entire adult population of the GB.


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