3rd Aug '11

When the weather gets so hot even boiling the kettle makes you break out in a sweat, you could be forgiven for thinking that a cold glass of juice is a better bet than a cup of tea. Just... read more

Ice Ice Baby

17th Feb '11

Just out from small, independent publisher Candlestick Press, Ten Poems about Tea was the idea of poet Lorraine Mariner, a librarian in London's Poetry Library and a fan of all things tea-related. read more

Anyone for...Poems about Tea?

8th Feb '11

Afternoon Tea is one of the most popular ways to romantically celebrate an occasion or enjoy a wonderfully stylish and fun afternoon with colleagues, friends or family. Enjoying delicious food accompanied by wonderful teas sourced from around the world complete this delightful experience -find your nearest Tea Guild member and get booking! read more

Afternoon Tea - always something to look forward to!

24th Aug '10

It's never too early to introduce your children to the pleasures of drinking tea. Whether at home or at one of The Tea Guild's fine tea venues, we recommend that tea drinking is a habit that is best started young! read more

Children's Tea

20th Jul '10

It's known as the "Champagne" of teas and the delicate flavour and exquisite floral aroma make Darjeeling the ultimate afternoon tea. read more

The Darjeeling Limited

2nd Jun '10

The African continent grows great tea, and the chances are that you're drinking it daily! read more

Out of  Africa

12th May '10

As long as there has been tea, people have been writing about our favourite drink. From it's health-giving properties to the ritual of afternoon tea, there is a quote for every tea-time occasion. Here we round up some of the best... read more

Compendium of Tea Quotations

26th Feb '10

Sri Lanka may be only 25,000 miles square but its immense tea cultivation yields 298,000 tonnes of tea a year! Perhaps when you next make a cuppa the leaves in your bag will have come from the South Asian island? read more

Sri Lanka - Global tea exporter

27th Jan '10

Whenever you dunk a teabag into your mug or tip a spoonful of loose leaves into a teapot, we bet your thoughts are only on the refreshingly delicious brew you're about to enjoy and not the epic journey the tea has made from far flung plantation to kitchen! read more

China - Global Tea Producer

8th Dec '09

When cold weather hits a hot cup of tea is the ultimate winter warmer, but this year why not try the spicy blend of herbs added to traditional Indian chai for a extra heat boost? read more

It's Chai time

16th Nov '09

It's the social glue that holds every gathering together. read more


16th Nov '09

The food fad of 2009 has undoubtedly been the underground supper club - and you can even indulge in illicit afternoon tea! read more

Going underground

21st Sep '09

The ritualistic Japanese tea ceremony is recognized worldwide but while it looks intricate and involved to an outsider, years of practice and training go into becoming a tea master - meaning it's even more complex than at first glance! Alex Fullerton reveals more... read more

Big in Japan

2nd Sep '09

If you thought the A List's drinking habits revolved around champagne and cocktails, think again! Alex Fullerton finds that our favourite stars are more likely to be spotted sipping a delicious cup of tea... read more

Celebri-tea fans can't get enough!

18th Aug '09

Ask anyone to name a famous type of tea and Earl Grey will surely spring to mind. According to a survey by Waitrose Food Illustrated magazine earlier this year, Earl Grey is the nation's second favourite tea, nabbing 14% of the vote. read more

A Grey Area: All about Earl Grey
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